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6 Days Until Dopey!

*6 Days Until Dopey!* 6 Days. I start packing this weekend. I’ll print out my raice waivers and send copies to my parents who will be down in WDW with me (just in case flight get delayed eep!). I only… Read More »6 Days Until Dopey!

7 Days Until Dopey!

*7 Days Until Dopey!* Okay this is getting really, really real people. Just 7 DAYS!!! Costumes are getting finishing touches and I’ve started making mental packing lists. It’s almost here!!! Today’s quote! Don’t psyche yourself out because…

Happy New Year!

Countdown is done, here comes a new year of fun! Last year was quite the year. Lots of personal trials and learned a lot about myself. I guess that’s just what being in your 20’s is about. When I had… Read More »Happy New Year!

8 Days Until Dopey!

*8 Days Until Dopey!* Happy New Years!!! Hope you rang in 2014 in style with friends and family! Now that it’s the new year it means resolution time! Good thing completing Dopey and then earning my coast to coast medal… Read More »8 Days Until Dopey!

9 Days Until Dopey!

*9 Days Until Dopey!* … and only 7 days until I’m on my way to WDW! I feel like a broken record but… I’M SO EXCITED!!! Hope you all are planning to ring in the new year with friends and… Read More »9 Days Until Dopey!

Diva-ing Out

This was a busy week for me. I had a large push at work for the project I’m on, followed by a short business trip which meant not much sleep and just feeling physically exhausted. I didn’t get in the… Read More »Diva-ing Out


This week… this week… I don’t really have anything to say that hasn’t already been said. I’ve had a lot of runs this week where I’ve processed what happened at the Boston Marathon. It really shook me. Shook me to… Read More »#BostonStrong