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Princess Half Marathon Weekend Fairy Tale Challenge Data Dive

Congrats to all the Princess Half Marathon Weekend runners! I really enjoyed following along as you all sweated it out and finished all those magical miles. My data nerd was interested in seeing what the Fairy Tale Challenge (FTC) finisher data looked like so I put together this data dashboard for you!

As before, let’s look at some of the fun data.

  1. Our champion of the weekend of Neely Gracey – she placed first in both the 10k and the Half Marathon overall. Way to go!
  2. If your name is Jennifer, you were in good company – there were 157 Jennifers who finished the FTC! Next most popular was Sarah with 95 finishers.
  3. Our most experienced runner was William McArthur who finished both races under the 16 min mile pace!
  4. You’ll notice on the 10k chart that there is a spike of finishers that all came in just under 1 hour, way to hustle to beat that goal!
  5. The largest running cohort was females 35-39, with females 30-34 just behind them. Overall, FTC finishers were 84% female, so glad to see this weekend still encouraging female runners!

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