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Race Review

2022 WDW Marathon Race Recap

WDW Marathon Weekend 2022 and Dopey Challenge number 9 have come and gone. Here are my thoughts on all the races and the weekend!

Garmin Oz Marathon – Race Recap

The Garmin Oz Marathon in Olathe, KS is in the books. Not the race I was expecting, but turned out to be exactly what I needed!

Garmin Oz Marathon – Pre-Race

I’m running a marathon! It’s happening in Olathe, KS and I’m so excited to get out there!

WDW Marathon Weekend 2020: Final Thoughts

Why the shirt change? Why did Oswald boot Minnie? Why characters on course is always a yes! Some final thoughts around runDisney and WDW Marathon Weekend!

WDW Marathon Weekend 2020: WDW Half Marathon

It was 70F and 95% humidity at the start and it was a hard fought race. I ended up with a new PR on a certified course so there was an upside to all the struggle!

Liberty Run 4 Miler

4 miles for the 4th to benefit the Denver Fire Department!