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Race Review

2022 WDW Marathon Race Recap

WDW Marathon Weekend 2022 and Dopey Challenge number 9 have come and gone. Here are my thoughts on all the races and the weekend!

Garmin Oz Marathon – Race Recap

The Garmin Oz Marathon in Olathe, KS is in the books. Not the race I was expecting, but turned out to be exactly what I needed!

WDW Marathon Weekend 2020: Final Thoughts

Why the shirt change? Why did Oswald boot Minnie? Why characters on course is always a yes! Some final thoughts around runDisney and WDW Marathon Weekend!

WDW Marathon Weekend 2020: WDW Half Marathon

It was 70F and 95% humidity at the start and it was a hard fought race. I ended up with a new PR on a certified course so there was an upside to all the struggle!

Liberty Run 4 Miler

4 miles for the 4th to benefit the Denver Fire Department!

Prairie Dog Half Marathon

2019 is the year of the half marathon for me and I’m excited to try my speed at the Prairie Dog Half Marathon!