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I Want Your WDW Resort runDisney Review!

Take less than 10 minutes to share your thoughts on your runDisney experience at a Walt Disney World Resort. Pay it forward for those future runners!

5 Thoughts from the Marathon Olympic Trials

The Olympic trials for the marathon were today and I LOVE seeing runners just crushing it. It’s so rare that running gets this kind of attention and I just eat it up!

Finding a Training Plan

The key to making running simpler day to day is to put in the work upfront to choose the right training plan. You need to make sure the plan will make YOU successful and not have you trying to figure out how to make the plan successful.

runDisney & My Menstrual Cycle

The past two Dopey Challenge’s have caused my cycle to get out of whack. The early mornings and physical demands take their tolls and I want others to know!