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2023 WDW Marathon Data

To continue my deep dive of 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend data, let’s take a look at the WDW Marathon finisher data.

Thank you runDisney for providing a pdf of the finisher data, this was super fun to jump into.

Some fun stats:

  1. The most popular finish time was between 6:45-7:00, you were all in good company!
  2. If you were named Jennifer, you probably heard you name a lot! There were 193 Jennifer’s who finished, and Michael was the next most popular runner name with 190 finishers.
  3. The oldest finisher was Gus Kuhn who is 83 years young and was a Dopey Challenge runner.
  4. There were eighteen 18-year olds who finished.
  5. The most popular states to come from to run the WDW Marathon (outside of FL) were Texas (713), NY (526), CA (494), GA (464), and IL (455).
  6. There were 701 international runners – the most popular Canada (289), UK (163), Brazil (76), Mexico (56), and Netherlands (22).

Now explore on your own!

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