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2023 Dopey Runner Data

It’s time to recap the 2023 WDW Marathon Weekend but instead of doing a deep dive on my experience (which was mostly the same, except marathon morning I had a major hiccup with bag drop/check which meant I started in a later corral) instead I’ve decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, dive into the Dopey Finisher data!

I’ve seen some others do this in the past and my data and data visualization nerd brain loves it and I’m hoping you enjoy what I’ve put together for 2023!

Some high-level takeaways from the data overall:

  1. There were 6679 successful Dopey finishers. The initial data set included 6685 finishers but there are 6 runners with unusual/unverifiable results when comparing to the race by race runDisney results so I’ve taken them out of the set for now.

  2. The fastest finisher overall was Chris Calimano (Total Dopey Time: 5:10:18) and for the women it was Jamie Weglarz (Total Dopey Time: 5:30:35), some serious speed from these two!

  3. If you follow the Dopey community you may know that Robert Wang has a history of trying to have the slowest marathon time, he nearly did it again, but came in third “most fun” finish amongst the Dopey runners for the marathon.

  4. 61% of finishers were female, with the most popular age group division being F35-39.

  5. Dopey runners were age 17-83 and the most popular state for runners to come from (excluding Florida) were Texas, California, and Illinois.

  6. If you’re name is Chris/Christopher Wright, you were in good company. Three people with the name Chris Wright finished the Dopey Challenge!

Explore more data below!


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