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2023 WDW Marathon Weekend 5k Map Review

Long time no see! I would say that I will blog more but honestly… it’s likely not going to happen but I DO love deep diving into the runDisney maps and sharing thoughts on it so here I am.

So let’s do a quick intro – I’m a mid-30s runner who is perfectly Dopey (meaning this will be my 10th Dopey Challenge) and this will also be my 13th WDW Marathon. It was my first marathon ever in 2011 and I’ve run it every year since. I’ve also run a lot of other runDisney races and enjoy following along with all the race weekends so I will be sprinkling in some other race weekend perspectives too.

If you are running the 5k you will have to go to the expo on Wednesday to get your bib. Hours for the expo are from 10am-8pm and be prepared to pick up your bib and your long sleeve tshirt from two different buildings. I always advise giving yourself an hour at the expo because there is just a lot of walking and navigating around.

Check out more details in the digital event guide:

Race Day

Let’s get to race day details. You’ve taken an extended nap (because waking up at 2:30 or 3am does not mean you’ve actually slept) and you make your want to the start. As always read the transportation info at your resort or at the expo to make sure you get to the race on time. I am not a “must be on the first bus” runner but I try to get on a bus at least 15 min before they say the last bus is and I have never missed a start.

They are continuing to use the Epcot entrance bag check/people scanners as security so if you are parking or taking a bus you will be directed to the front of Epcot before you make your way to the back corner of the Epcot parking lot. This is not a short walk but it also means that things keep moving and you aren’t stuck in the security line.

So now it’s time to run, let’s take a look at the map!

Overall, this is a very familiar 5k course. In 2022, the WDW 5k had a loop around Morocco and France but this course is back to a more traditional loop around World Showcase. For those that ran the Wine and Dine 5k this past November, this is the same 5k course.

The runDisney 2023 Walt Disney World 5k race map.

Start: The start is the same as nearly every year. The corrals will line up in the parking lot and then runners will take the outer edge of the parking lot into EPCOT backstage.

1. We run along the cast parking lot, past the costume/locker room area before running under Test Track backstage.

2. Runners enter EPCOT between Mexico and Norway near the Donald meet and greet before running around World Showcase lagoon. Enjoy the music and the beauty that is mornings in EPCOT!

3. We then run over the small bridges (small hills) that connect France and UK pavilions before running out the back entrance to EPCOT and backstage behind the Skyliner station.

4. After the quick loop backstage, we then head back in between UK and Canada and make our way back to Future World running down the middle bridge.

5. We then swing around the Creations Shop building, and then over to Mission Space before exiting EPCOT behind Test Track.

6. We then run backstage along the cast roads before making our grand exit to the finish line in the EPCOT parking lot.

Once we finish, grab our medals, and a snack box, you then will head to meet up with family or to the buses. On the finish line map it looks like the buses are in the usual spot but last year they had us get the buses back where they dropped us off in the morning. I’m hoping they do this again because with the usual bus pickup spot it means all runners have to wait until the course is cleared for the first mile before you can leave. It was a hike back to the front of the park but I think it was worth it.

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