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2023 WDW Marathon Weekend 10k Map Review

Welcome to this WDW 10k race review. In 2022, runDisney changed up the 10k course but for 2023 it’s closer to what it was before. Not going to lie, I’m bummed they did this, I really like the 2022 10k route.

But no time like the present to jump in and take a look because it is a little different.

Since the 10k is on Friday, don’t forget to go to the expo on Wednesday (10am-8pm) or Thursday (12pm-6pm) to get your bib and tshirt. You’ll want to give yourself at least an hour for the expo since you’ll need to go to multiple locations to get your bib and long sleeve tee.

Check out the digital event guide here:

Once again they are utilizing the bag check/security at the front of EPCOT to get everyone to the race start. So leave yourself plenty of time to stroll and maybe grab some pics as you make your way to the start area. If you are driving you will also have to park and then walk to the front of EPCOT.

This year the WDW 10k, has us start in the same place but then instead of running the roads outside EPCOT and then entering near near Mexico (like in the 5k), we are going to take the route that the end of the WDW Half Marathon uses to get to EPCOT. So we will run over the entrance ramp, through the EPCOT parking lot, run backstage behind the Seas and the Land, and then enter EPCOT. Another difference is that we will take both the Crescent Lake Loop and World Showcase loops counterclockwise rather than clockwise. This will make the 5k and 10k feel different from one anther but I still wish we were still running the 2022 WDW 10k route through Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The runDisney 2023 Walt Disney World 10k race map.

Start: The start is in the EPCOT parking lot before running onto the roads that guests normally take to get to EPCOT. This rout has us go through the toll booths (Runners caution ahead!) before turning back towards EPCOT.

1.This is where the route starts to look like the end of the WDW Half Marathon. This is a fairly tight U-turn before we head up a ramp and over into the EPCOT parking lot.

2. We run through the resort bus dropoff area before heading backstage behind The Seas and The Land.

3. Runners then enter EPCOT between the Land and Imagination and then head right to World Showcase. We will run by Canada before heading backstage behind the UK pavilion.

4. We will then run behind the Skyliner building and enter the Crescent Lake area where we will run by the Beach Club and the Yacht club. There is always something really beautiful about this area in the morning!

5. We then run over a bridge (a bit of a hill) and then run by the Boardwalk (watch your step on all the wood boards, they can be slick in the morning) before heading back into EPCOT through the back entrance.

6. We then run toward the UK, make a right to run over the bridges that connect the UK to France, and then we make a loop backstage around France to see the Remy ride area and come back to World Showcase between France and Morocco where we make our way around World Showcase counterclockwise.

7. We then turn into Future World (I don’t know if the neighborhood names will ever stick with me) over the middle bridge, run around the Creations Shop, and then head towards Mission Space where we will exit behind Test Track, run on the roads backstage, and finish in the parking lot.

You’ll then get your medal, your snack box, and your checked gear, before meeting up with friends and families and getting on the bus or into your car.

Again, a little bummed they didn’t keep the 2-park route from 2022 but at least they switched if up a little and we are doing a rare counterclockwise run around World Showcase. Also, for those running Dopey or the WDW Marathon later that weekend you can start visualizing your finish since from about 3.8 miles to the finish will be the same route!

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