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2022 WDW 5k Course Review

It’s almost the most wonderful weekend of the year, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!

Hope your training is going well, mine has been pretty solid as I’ve recovered from the Oz Marathon and then done a quick build for my 8th (9th?) Dopey Challenge. Just one more big training weekend before taper 🙂

So with that runDisney released the maps early and it’s time to dive in!

WDW 5k Course Review

The 2022 5k course is a call back to past years, it’s also the exact same as the Wine and Dine 5k so if you ran that route, you get to run it again! Some changes to note if you ran the WDW 5k in 2020, we enter World Showcase before Norway instead of after, we exit and make a loop backstage around Morocco and France, and we get more Future World time instead of finishing all backstage/through Guardians construction!

The start area will look familiar to those who have run the 5k or 10k at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in the past. While runDisney has gotten rid of the lettered start corrals, they have now implemented numbered start groups to take their place. So basically nothing has changed.

The course takes a bit from the 2018 and 2020 5k maps and feels like a classic WDW 5k course.

  1. Start is in the Epcot parking like in past years. We will then run along the edge of the parking lot, backstage to the cast member parking lot, and under Test Track.
  2. We enter World Showcase between Mexico and Norway near where Donald used to do his meet and greet.

  3. We will them run around World Showcase until Morocco where we will go backstage.

  4. Runners will reenter World Showcase via the area near the new Remy ride in France.

  5. Runners will head over the bridge between France and the UK (the Channel if you will) and then exit to backstage near the Skyliner station.

  6. After running backstage, runners will enter World Showcase near the Showplace Pavilion before running in front of Canada.

  7. Runners will then take the path between Canada and the Imagination Pavilion before running in front of the Land and the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

  8. We will then run to the front of the park, underneath Spaceship Earth, and then exiting backstage.

  9. The finish looks like it’s in the usual place in the parking lot!

So that’s it. A nice tour of Epcot, World Showcase, and Future World East. I’m really hoping Spaceship Earth’s lights are on for us to see and maybe some Harmonious action too. I’m just really excited to be running around that beautiful place again!

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