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2022 WDW 10k Course Review

So this year’s WDW 10k course is brand new and I’m really excited!

If you’ve run the WDW Marathon Weekend or Princess 10k in the past this new course is something new, for those that ran the Wine and Dine in November, everything from mile 2 on will feel very similar. I’m also wondering, is this going to be the Race for the Taste course for the Springtime Surprise race?

Let’s dive in! First off, runDisney is swapping letter corrals for numbers. Still not sure why they are doing this but the start area looks the same as it has in past years (and is also the same as for the 2022 5k).

In the past, the route for the 10k as taken us along the same course as the 5k with a loop around World Showcase and Future World but added a “spur” around Crescent Lake and in front of Epcot to get the additional mileage. This year though is completely different and overall I think these changes are a plus since it means we get to run through 2 parks, Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot. It will mean running on some roads but I’m also thinking this will be good because early on it will allow runners to spread out more before narrowing on paths though the park. Also, let’s be honest the route outside Epcot for 3-ish miles was never the most interesting either.

  1. Runners will start in the Epcot parking lot and run on the roads leading into the Epcot parking lot from the car entrance. This is the same road we ran at the beginning of the 2020 10k course.
  2. We then continue out Epcot and on to World Drive, if you are used to driving to Epcot, we will be running against how traffic normally drives from the exit ramp onto World Dr. We then run on World Dr for about a mile.
  3. We will then take the exit ramp from World Drive to Buena Vista Dr (looks like an honest incline so hoping some Green Army Men are there to cheer us on).
  4. We will then run along Buena Vista Dr and enter Hollywood Studios behind Tower of Terror but then take a slightly different route that will take us to Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster’s entrance area before running down Sunset Blvd (instead of running through the Exit area of Tower of Terror). In the satellite image the yellow dotted line is the usual route around Tower of Terror while the blue route is the 2022 10k route. We then will hang a left on Hollywood Blvd and exit the park. What a fun route through the park!
  5. We will then hang a left, run past the Skyliner and take the path along Crescent Lake from Hollywood Studios to Epcot. Running on the Yacht/Beach Club side of the lake (so prepare for the bridge which will bring a slightly uphill).
  6. We will then enter Epcot but stay backstage until we enter World Showcase around the World Showplace pavillion between UK and Canada.
  7. We then run to the center pathway connecting World Showcase and Future World before running through the Future World East side of Epcot, run underneath Spaceship Earth, and exit through the cast member area behind Spaceship Earth.
  8. We then run out to the Epcot parking lot and finish in the normal area.

Honestly, I’m really excited for this new route and to get two theme parks for the 10k. I’ve always loved the 10k but I think this route only builds on what I love about the 10k. We still get Epcot and the Crescent Lake area but we also get Hollywood Studios in the pre-dawn/early dawn which will be gorgeous! In the apst the 10k always felt like a re-run of the 5k so having these changes make it way more fun.

So that’s it for the 10k, are you excited for the new course?

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