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2021 Wine and Dine 10k Course Review

So we took a look at the Wine and Dine 5k course and now it’s time for the 10k. Again there are some major changes from the last time the Wine and Dine 10k ran with some influences from other race courses, this time it’s the Star Wars Rival Run course giving the most influence.

So as I said in the intro, this course takes some major influences from the Star Wars Rival Run 10k course which you can see below. If you ran that race in 2017 or 2018, this will feel familiar. For those that have run the WDW Marathon, the finish going around crescent lake will feel familiar!

Now let’s dive into the course specifics!

  1. First change compared to 2019 Wine and Dine 10k, is the exit from the Magic Kingdom parking lot. It looks like there will be less time running in the parking lot than in past years and I see that as a big plus!

  2. On World Dr, you will not turn to go directly to Epcot but continue until you get closer to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  3. Runners will take the ramp to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

  4. Wine and Dine 10k runners will then get to run briefly through Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They will enter behind Tower of Terror, run down Sunset Blvd, and then exit down Hollywood Blvd before running along the Crescent Lake path towards Beach/Yacht Club. This will feel familiar to WDW Marathon runners!

  5. Runners will then continue their tour of Crescent Lake running on the Beach/Yacht Club side of the lake before entering Ecpot.

  6. The course then takes runners behind the UK pavilion and then they enter World Showcase at the World Showplace pavilion, continue running past Canada, and then run towards the Imagination Pavilion.

  7. From here to the finish the course is the same as the 5k, it takes you on the curving path past the Imagination, Land, and Seas pavilions before running to the front of Spaceship Earth and then underneath that beautiful geodesic sphere. I’m again really hoping they have the Beacons of Magic show running constantly to make up for the 5am start and all the extra twisty and turning to do this part of the course!

  8. Runners will then take the usual finisher chute, a quick run past the Spaceship Earth bathrooms, out to the backstage cast area, and then out to the parking lot finish line.

Honestly, this is a pretty solid course and since the first 3 miles are on the roads if you wanted to pick up some time/speed on the first half that should be easy. Since WDW isn’t doing character meet and greets there will probably be selfie spots along the course but no “hug and shoves” for pictures. The course will get a little twisty and turny in the back half but it should be totally worth it.

What are your thoughts? What are you most excited for?

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