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What Makes Running So Magical? (A Blog Update)

Over the last couple of years I’ve really struggled with what I want this blog to be and how it can reflect my everyday values which have also evolved over the years. I’ve become more aware of my consumer behaviors, looked for ways to reduce my waste, and just reevaluated how I measure my life and how I move in the world.

So with these changes to my outlook on life it was hard for me to reconcile with some of the content I had posted to date or understand where to go from here. Honestly, I really thought about shutting it all down.

Being a blogger who reviewed a lot of things that while, yes, I was reviewing honestly and think they will help you achieve your next level, this consumption focus was hard and it’s hard to blog when you aren’t sure if you just want to review a bunch of stuff for people to buy. I was uncomfortable being the marketing arm of various brands that didn’t always reflect me new values.

There isn’t anything wrong with promoting brands but as I saw blog after blog and social media post after social media post with the #ad talking about some other sort of thing to buy, it just wasn’t aligning with what I see as important in my life nor what I want for the planet.

I don’t believe we should be looking for new ways to buy things that aren’t going to last and I don’t want to promote ways to encourage single-use plastic and fast-fashion.

Can I get away from all single-use plastic? Probably, but that’s not really the point right now and I’m not going to push that on your either. Right now I’m just looking for easy substitutes to lessen my demand for “fast-fashion” and single-use plastic. Finding a substitute for sunblock packaged in plastic bottles is hard, but I can use mineral based sunscreen that is better for the environment and reefs. Those are the kind of substitutes I’m focused on.

I want to support companies and products that last and that look for ways to use recycled materials (looking at you Saucony, I’m really excited for your new line!).

Second, running doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes it’s hard enough just lacing up and getting out there. I also feel like a lot of blogs suck people in because they make running seem hard. Are there things that are good to know so you can run better and healthier? Yes. Does it warrant you reading hours of posts? No. The magic of running is that it’s fairly straightforward once you learn the basics and that’s what I want to focus on.

Running isn’t hard (okay, well physically it is), it just takes time and patience and that’s what’s magical about it.

So with that here are the promises I’m making to you, my readers:

  1. Not to Make Running Seem Overly Complex – Can it be? Sure. Does it need to be for 95% of the healthy road warriors like myself? No. I’ll cover the basics but 90% of my running is choosing a plan and then sticking to it. Just keep showing up and the magic will reveal itself.

  2. Not to Sell You Crap – Over the last few years I’ve become a very conscientious consumer and I want that reflected in my blog. I want to support companies who are using non-virgin materials or who are thinking about the supply chain. I also want to focus on those “investment” pieces that are designed to last for years.

  3. To Be More Honest – I’m pushing myself to be more honest. Life is hard and it’s hard for me to show that hardship. Right now, for example, I’m battling a nasty hip pain but you’d never know that. I want to talk about the set backs because that too is part of the magic of running.

  4. To Celebrate and Share the Love More – I want to read more blogs and support those that are putting out good content. Or even better, maybe do some interviews with everyday, non-blogging road warriors just getting out there. There are so many of us and that deserves to be celebrated!


So the future of this blog will continue to celebrate the magic of running, the community of running, and the everyday struggle we all have with running.

I want to know, what makes running magical to you? What makes you lace up? Toe that start line? Leave me a comment!

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