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5 Thoughts from the Marathon Olympic Trials

Wow! As I type this we’ve just minted 6 new Olympic marathon athletes to the US team and wow!

This got me thinking:

  1. I wonder if the “middle of the packers” at the Olympic trials really struggle at this race. They are probably all use to winning or placing at most races they run so it must be a bit of a head trip for them to to be surrounded by runners.

  2. The lead packs were so large for so long. It’s always crazy to see so many runners all running at break neck speed and look so calm about it.

  3. I love watching this race because I get to see so many “new to me” runners. i love getting to see people who might not be as known get their moment to shine because they are crushing it at doing the thing they love!

  4. I have a lot of mixed feelings about Nike but Galen Rupp is a phenom. He crushed it out there. I will continue to not buy any Nike products (even resale) though.

  5. I feel like since the last Olympics I’ve gotten to know a lot more of the elite field and it was a little heartbreaking to not see some of the usual faces out there. Not seeing Meb out there stung. Knowing Kara and Shalane are in new life phases was also a bit of a sting, but I love what they are doing to lift up athletes. Whenever running gets the attention it deserves I’m reminded of all the amazing people that lead and make up this unique community!

Overall, I think many of us were surprised by how today played out but I’m so excited to cheer on Team US. My heart broke for a few of those athletes because I’ve been following their journeys but at the end of the day this is what makes running so unique. It all comes down to one start line and one finish line and how you show up that day.

Even the elites play the same game we mortals do on race day.

We all put in the training to get to race day hoping that the best form of our running self will be there too. Some days that’s the case, some days its not and that is the beauty and magic of running. The constant striving and showing up day in and day out to be the best form of ourselves.

I can’t wait to cheer on Aliphine Tuliamuk, Molly Seidel, Sally Kipyego, Galen Rupp, Jacob Riley, and Abdi Abdirahman! Team USA!

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