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Top 5 Things I’d Rather Get At The WDW Marathon Finish Line

So eat hats don’t fit my head and while I love the thought honestly the 2 ear hats I have from the past 2 marathons are just gathering dust at the back of my closet. I don’t wear them outside the finish line selfie. This got me thinking…

What would I rather get at the end of the WDW Marathon?

5. A regular hat – honestly i can never have too many hats to keep the sun off my face and out of my eyes so why not just give us a nice marathon finisher hat at the finish line that runners can wear while training at home or just out and about!

4. A reusable bag – I would love a runDisney/Marathon Weekend reusable bag that I can use at home. Honestly, it would also help juggling the post-race extras (snack box, water, and Powerade) a little more magical!

3. Reusable themed water bottle – I would love a water bottle with a nice logo. I LOVE getting pint glasses at the end of a race but a reusable water bottle would be more useful at WDW. Plus if they set up water bottle fill stations in the finisher chute then I can forego one more plastic bottle.

2. Park ticket! Bring back Marathon Monday where everyone who completed the marathon got a one-day one-Park ticket! – Okay I’m dreaming big on this one but I’d really love for them to truly treat runners like the dedicated athletes/Disney fans they are. It was so magical my first year!

1. Mickey Bar! Simple, classic, and totally feasible on Disney’s part! – They could set up the ice cream carts all along the finisher’s chute and hand out frozen treats to the finishers. Nine of my ten marathon finishes at WDW have been so hot and this would be the perfect way to start cooling down!

So those are my ideas about what I’d rather get at the end of the WDW Marathon. What would you like to get at the end of the WDW Marathon?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I’d Rather Get At The WDW Marathon Finish Line”

  1. I have become so grateful to the snack box at the end of the race – it has become the carrot on the end of the stick for me for some reason. I would never eat nachos chips and cheese before the race but when that last race is over…it’s like a god-sent meal…no shame what-so-ever.

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