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On Cloudsurfer and Cloudrush Review

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a product review but I’ve been checking out some new things lately and I can’t wait to share them with you.

No one is paying me for this review. I paid for the product so this is 100% my own/honest opinion.

Today I’m writing about two things the major update to the Cloudsurfer and the Cloudrush, a lighter version of the Cloudsurfer.

The red are the Cloudsurfer and the black and white are the Cloudrush.

The red are the Cloudsurfer and the black and white are the Cloudrush.

So first, let’s talk about the updates to the Cloudsurfer which are honestly pretty big. Back in 2016, when I was a Bibrave Pro, I got the chance to try out this new show called the Cloudsurfer and honestly I was skeptical. (Seriously, check out my review) Since then though I haven’t worn anything else and it’s been a smooth ride with these shoes. They have taken me to a lot of new PRs and to my BQ. I love them for a lot of reasons but mostly because they are a great balance between support and weight.

The tech in their shoes consists of two main components the speed board, which is a reinforced inner sole, and the “clouds” or those individual little lugs, and then work together to give you support and response in a unique way. You can learn more about them here:  On Techology

Cloudsurfer 1.0

Cloudsurfer 1.0

Cloudsurfer 2.0

Cloudsurfer 2.0

So as you can see the ride is pretty different between the old design (on the left) and the new design (on the right). The new tread makes for a slightly different ride, the new design has more flexible, and has more of a rocker design to it which means there is more of a forward motion to the shoe. It’s pretty nice!



The other pluses:

  • The tongue is softer so doesn’t hurt my ankle like the old design sometimes would

  • The mesh is a really nice on the upper and provides more airflow than the previous material

  • The laces are shorter so I don’t have to tuck them in anymore

  • Still lots of reflective design details

The one thing that they changed that took some getting use to is the insole, which is kind of big. I’ve never had this issue before but the insole is… rough. Like it would leave the ball of my foot feeling pretty tender after a 10 miler which has never happened before. There was definitely a lot more support in there and the insole (I’m assuming) is more grippy which is what was causing the issue. Now that I’ve been wearing them for a month this isn’t a problem anymore but it was really worrisome at first, I seriously thought I was going to have to find new shoes.

Other than that this has been a great upgrade to the original design and I’m excited to continue turning my runs “on”!

Learn more about the Cloudsurfer here:


This is an entirely new show for me. I tried running in the On Cloud but they weren’t great for me and made me feel like is was running in my heels so they are my everyday casual sneaker now.  But I took the leap and decided to try a new On shoe. Since these looked like the speaker sister of the On Cloudsurfer I figured it would be a safe choice. They also looked like they would make a great short/med distance racing shoe!





First, I love the clean look of these shoes, they just look ready to race, right?

These are definitely lighter weight and I could feel the difference when I put them on. The response is really great with all those little lugs on the front of the shoe and they keep the lugs on the heel fewer so that you are encouraged to use your forefoot more. They do not have as much support as the Cloudsurfer so these will stay squarely in the half marathon or shorter racing category. These had the same insole problem as the new Cloudsurfer but my feet have adapted so this isn’t an issue anymore. (Thicker socks help)

These are definitely less supportive and more flexible so I wouldn’t recommend these to a new runner or even a runner looking for their first On running shoe so if you can try them out at a store that would be the best bet.

This shoe is a great addition to my running shoe collection and I can’t wait to set more PRs in them, they already helped me rock my run it at the WDW 10k this past January!

So there you have it, a major upgrade to my current shoe model and a brand new running shoe for my collection!

Check out all of On’s shoes at

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