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Only 6 Months Until WDW Marathon Weekend 2020!

It’s just 6 months until WDW Marathon Weekend 2020!

I’m already counting down the days until I’m back at Disney World to celebrate an eventful 2019 (my first full year at my job, finishing my Master’s degree, and most importantly my wedding)! With a lot to celebrate and unwind from I’m already looking forward to running but more importantly spending some time with my (then) husband!

This is also a big milestone for me since this will be my 10th WDW Marathon! It was my first marathon back in 2011 and I’ve come back every year to run it. I just love this race/race weekend so much!

So with that I’m already focusing on what needs to happen between then and now.


July (6 Months Until Race Day)

  • Training plan selected and loaded into your training tracker of choice, training for any distance is a marathon in itself! Don’t forget to factor in other races, holidays, or travel you know about!

  • Hotel booked!

  • Start booking those dining reservations for those post race celebrations!

August (5 Months)

  • Start thinking about what types of fuel you might need on those long runs. Try out some new stuff on those long runs so you can dial it in when you get to the longest training runs!

  • Same goes for any gear you might want to try out. Start planning and prepping!


September-October (3-4 Months)

  • Training is in full swing now, just keep plugging away. Temps should be cooling which means training should be more comfortable but these are the critical months to set you up for success!

  • Are you thinking about running as a character? Time to start looking/planning your race day looks (pro-tip: those post-Halloween sales are a great way to get costume pieces!)

  • Start thinking about how you want your WDW race-cation to go. Do you want to factor in park time? Extra events? Maybe a water park? Start thinking about how you’ll balance running with your other vacation goals.

November (2 Months)

  • If you are staying at a Disney World resort it’s time to book those Fastpass+ reservations. It’s getting real guys!

  • Time to really dedicate yourself to those long runs and test out the fuel you will use on race day.

  • You should also have your flights booked if that’s a part of your plan!

  • If you are planning to balance racing with park time, it’s time to look for ways throughout your day to spend more time on your feet to get your body use to that. Can you get a standing desk? Can you take an extra walk at lunch? These are easy ways to set you up for success!



December (1 Month)

  • About 1 month out from race day is when bib numbers, corrals, and maps are released!

  • Time to dedicate yourself to that final long run and then respect the taper (however long or short your training plans says!)

  • Need to order something? Make sure to put it in ahead of the Christmas holiday season to ensure it gets to you and you are sweating about it!

  • Enjoy the holidays with those you love and care about and try to stay present even if you are already dreaming about all those Mickey Bars.

It’s going to fly by so try to enjoy it and keep on Disney dreaming!

What are you most looking forward to? What are your tips for successful prep?

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