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Let’s Talk 2020 WDW Marathon Weekend Courses! (10k)

So we’ve taken a look at the 2020 WDW 5k course changes so let’s move on to day 2 of the WDW Marathon Weekend, the 10k! Be sure to check out the full event guide

This year the race didn’t just get a new course but also a new character mascot. After 6 years, Minnie got the boot and now Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is the mascot for the race. Minnie now shares the full marathon with Mickey so I guess that’s okay… Anyways, on to the maps!

First, let’s look at the start area. Overall it’s similar to past years with six corrals and likely mini-wave releases.


So once runners get the countdown, they start the exact same way as last year with a run on the roads outside Epcot before getting to the turnaround. Right after the mile 2 marker we then do another turnaround before running the 5k route with the Crescent Lake area loop. That’s the gist of the new course. Take a look and keep reading as I dive into a few more details.

Map Notes.png

Let’s dive into some details:

A: New turnaround to take runners back to the Epcot parking lot.

B: From here, the route will be the same as the 5k, you can check out some more details on the WDW 5k course post.

C: We will enter World Showcase between Norway and China.

D: The loop around Crescent Lake is the exact same as last year.

E: We enter Epcot from backstage between the UK & Canada.

F: After running across the front of World Showcase, we exit between Mexico and Norway and then run Avenue of the Stars before exiting to the parking lot the same as in past years.

Since most of this course is the same as the 5k, Dopey Challenge runners will be having some deja vu. Overall the course is pretty similar to past 10ks but it will be interesting to see if having runners run along the Epcot parking lot will mean the fast/first corrals of runners will have to wait on the bus for the course to clear like happens with the 5k before the buses can start taking runners back to their resorts. This course usually gets really crowded in the first 2 miles and the lines for these early characters get REALLY long because they are usually really great photo ops. The rest of the race might have pockets that are crowded but usually spreads out pretty well over the wide pathways.

If I’m going to guess where character stops will be I would guess:

  • Mile 1: The turnaround normally has a large set up for a character picture. Usually it has a full set for the photo op.

  • Mile 1.5: Just before the overpass they usually have a character too. Usually it has a full set and might be 2 characters.

  • Mile 2.25: Jumbotron screen with music

  • Mile 3: Usually there is a character somewhere between this spot and entering Epcot during the 5k.

  • World Showcase: Really any country is up for grabs, in past years we’ve seen Mexico Donald, Norway Daisy, Mulan/Mushu in China, Rapunzel & Flynn or Snow White & Dopey in Germany, Pinocchio in Italy, Genie/Aladdin/Jasmine in Morocco, Chip & Dale in Japan costumes, Belle & Beast or Ratatouille characters in France, Alice or Mary Poppins in the UK, and flannel wearing Donald in Canada.

  • Mile 4.5: Around ESPN Zone there is usually a character such as football Goofy.

  • Mile 5.5: I would put good money betting that they’ll put a character in this area.

The finish area is the same all weekend long and you can check that out here: finish line area

So that’s the 10k, what are your thoughts?

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