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Bolder Boulder 10k 2019

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the Bolder Boulder 10k, one of the best running days of the year. It happens every year on Memorial Day and celebrates the running community and those who have fallen serving our country.

Going into the race I knew I wanted to try to race it again. I had been doing my speed work and Orange Theory has really opened up some strength and speed this year so I wanted to test it. This is what I was aiming for:

  • A: 42 min – Definitely a stretch but maybe possible

  • B: 43:10 (new PR)  – Just beat my WDW 10k time

  • C: 45 (new BB 10k PR) – Beat my time from last year 45:23

  • D: Finish – Just finish and have fun out there!


 All ready for race day!


I picked up my packet at the local Runners Roost on Friday after work, this race gives you so many options for packet pickup which is great. This is such a well run race, it gets top marks all around!

I was placed in coral BA so my start time was pretty much right at 7am which meant I was in the car by 5:30am. An early morning but so ready to run!

The streets of Boulder are ready!


Let’s get this party started!


So many runners ready to hit the streets of Boulder!


This race has 50,000 runners. The race starts with the citizens race, these are the semi-pro/CU Boulder Cross County/really fast Colorado people that get to take on the course first. Then it’s about 4 hours of releasing a wave every minute or so with a bugle send off for each. Finally, the course is cleared and the pros take on the course. The whole race is a celebration of everything that is great about runner. From 5 min milers to 20 min milers and then pros, we are all there to tackle the same miles and that’s really what I love most about this race.

So with the blast of a bugle, coral BA was off! The course winds a lot through Boulder and the gentle inclines can take their toll if you aren’t racing smart. The first 3 miles are mostly uphill and then we start the decent as we blaze through downtown Boulder. Finally, you run down Arapahoe and then a final brutal uphill in the final .5 miles, a lap around the stadium, and you are finished!


Finish line feels and a new course PR – 43:39!


One of the best parts of the Bolder Boulder is the snack bag and beer at the end. Let’s get it!


A beautiful day for a race!


Snack bag goodies!


No beer this year, Wild Basin lime instead. At first I was really bummed to not be getting a beer but it turned out to be pretty tasty.

Usually, I spend the day watching the entire race run but unfortunately I needed to go home and get some stuff done so I had to call it a day. I hung out with some friends for a little bit and then headed home. Love seeing all the runners out there getting it done and having a blast enjoying all the “citizen stops” along the way (slip ‘n’ slides, bacon, Doritos, various adult beverages, snacks, etc)!


Until next year Bolder Boulder!

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