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Ways to Make Your Run More “Incredible”

Recently I’ve had major Disney brain. You know when you start making hair-brained plans to drop everything and go to WDW or Disneyland ASAP. I may have found myself comparing charity bibs for Wine and Dine Half Weekend while doing a quick search to price some hotel rooms. A girl can dream, right?! (One day I will get back to the Wine and Dine but I do miss the nighttime race)

Anyways, with the latest Disney/Pixar release of Incredibles 2, it’s got me thinking about ways to make my running more… well… incredible!

There are some of the easier ways like getting some Incredibles running gear or joining the runDiney virtual run but I want to keep these free/cheap with no purchase required. Hopefully, these will help add a little fun to your run!

  1.  Create a fun new playlist! Here are some ideas:
    1. Any of the songs from the Incredibles 2 soundtrack by DCappella (Here Comes Elastigirl is on mine! #gingersister)
    2. The runDisney official playlist is also pretty fun!
    3. Need a long interval song? Fantasmic always transports me to the parks and gets me really excited! (This marching band cover of Imagination is also pretty fun: Imagination – The University of Oregon Marching Band
    4. Just want to mix it up – Check out this list: Classic Rock Running Workout
  2. Try some fartleks – Test that super speed by having some “speed play” fun. On your next run start out easy then pick up the pace (tap into your inner Dash) to the next driveway or streetlamp or fire hydrant. It’ll keep you engaged with your workout and help you work on some incredible speed!
  3. Dress to Impress – Have you heard of Disney Bounding? It’s where you dress up to reflect a character but not necessarily dressed exactly like them. Do you have a red top and black shorts? Blammo! You are Incredibles bounding! Dress up in homage to your favorite character on your next run!
  4. Turn your run into an epic adventure! – I haven’t tried this yet but they sound really fun (even if I’m not sure I can take the anxiety that it might introduce). There are a few apps out there that will turn your run/walk into an adventure. You’ll hear a story that will encourage you to pick up the pace at just the right moment in the story (like this one or this one)
  5. Run without your tech! – Want a sure fire way to tap into your own awesomeness? Leave the tech at home and just live in the moment. Feel your stride, feel your strength, and just spend time enjoying the run and reflecting on how incredibly far you have come!

Hope these are some ways you can make your next run more incredible!

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