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Thankful and 30!

Today I turn 30. Today I complete my 30th trip around the sun meaning I’ve officially entered a new decade of my life. My 20’s (as for most) were a whirlwind jam packed with life lessons and growth along the way and I feel ready to start a new and fresh life chapter. 

My 20’s were filled with: 

  • Living in 5 different states (Ohio/NY for College, Florida, California, and Colorado) 

  • Graduating College 

  • Running my first half marathon and full marathon and developing into a “real runner” 

  • Adopting my first cat 

  • Working for Disney 

  • Working for Startups 

  • Working for Local Government 

  • Starting Graduate School 

  • Finding my Fiancé 

  • Losing my mom and grandmother 

  • Getting better at dealing with change 

  • Getting better at understanding others 

  • Opening up my worldview immensely 

  • Traveling to new states, countries, and continents 

  • Learning how to manage life 

  • Learning how to manage myself 

The one constant over the last 10 years has been change.

After spending my entire life living in Ohio in the same house under stable conditions, my 20’s were anything but. This decade was a crazy period of growth and risk-taking and when I think back to the person I was when I turned 20, I feel like the core is still the same but my understanding and knowledge of everything within and around me is so much more vast. Each challenge has taught me something new, has made me more resilient, and has created a new incremental version of myself. 

Katherine version 3.0 is now ready for upload and ready to continue to work on incremental improvements along the way.

As I look to this next year I want to be more mindful of these 3 things: 

  1. To be kind to myself (you are doing the best you can) 

  2. To be true to myself (there is no one else like you so share your spirit with the world)

  3. To be more giving and thankful every day


On this day of thanks, I challenge you to think about not only being thankful today but every day (even in the smallest of ways) for what you have and what other have given to you. It’s important to remember that we are all connected in a circle, in a hoop, that never ends (Thanks, Pocahontas!). Pass kindness on!

 This year get to know a new person, a new city, or go exploring and learn something new about yourself. This next year will be the culmination of a lot of long-term growth and I’m looking to celebrating and charting my new path! 


I’m thankful and grateful for everyone and everything that has gotten me to this point in my life and I look forward to setting new goals and seeing where life goes next.

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