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I Run At Disney To Eat At Disney: Epcot Edition

Hi all!

Sorry for the slight pause in my $40 per day runDisney series but we’re back and I’m talking Epcot today! I’ve gone back and forth on this outline a few times. I really wanted to work in some wine in France but had to settle for a baguette instead (which is probably the better choice anyways).

So as a reminder, here are the rules:

  1. I can only spend $40 a day while staying at Pop Century

  2. I need to eat a balanced diet to fuel my runDisney adventure

  3. I am assuming this is after the 10k with the half marathon the next day so I will follow my usual Dopey weekend rules (limited alcohol, sweets, ice cream, and other potential stomach up-setters)

  4. I have a water bottle that I bring to the parks and will refill with water or get free water from quick service locations throughout the day (aka I will not budget for water or drinks)

So with that my pre-run snack will be an Uncrustable. Some protein, some fat, some carbs, it’s pretty good.

Uncrustable PB&J: $2.99

Then I’ll go do all the running, come back to Pop Century, shower, and grab a breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon and cheese on a bagel) at Everything Pop before heading off to Epcot.

Breakfast Sandwich: $6.79

Once at Epcot I’ll spend the morning in Future World riding Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, Living With the Land, The Seas With Nemo and Friends, Test Track, and Missions Space. Normally, during a race weekend I would hop on Universe of Energy to get off my feet but… yeah can’t do that anymore.

So, after the morning in Future World, it’s off to World Showcase. At some point that morning I got hungry though and ate my mini Clif Bar that was in the post-race snack box.

Clif Bar: Free!

It’s time to fuel up in Mexico. Since it’s race weekend I won’t be grabbing a margarita, but I will be grabbing some delicious Empanadas de Barbacoa (empanadas filled with barbacoa beef. and topped with chipotle sauce, crema Mexicana and queso fresco) from the margarita kiosk.

Empanadas de Barbacoa: $9.75

After a ride on the Fiesta Tour and on the Frozen ride (maybe a stop in to the China movie too) it will be time for a snack and luckily the Karamel Kuche is the BEST place for snacks. So I’ll grab a small bag of caramel popcorn to get the snacking started.

Small Caramel Popcorn: $3.99

Walking around the Epcot promenade is one of my favorites so I’ll stop in to the shops and catch some of the entertainment and end up in France around 5 for an early dinner. I’ll go to the Boulangerie Pattiserie and get a Jambon Beurre (ham and cheese with dijon mustard butter), Pan au Chocolat (chocolate croissant), and a whole baguette (for the road).

Jambon Beurre: $7.50
Pain Au Chocolat: $3.35
Whole Baguette: $2.95

Honestly, if I wasn’t sticking to this budget I would probably get a glass of wine ($6.50) instead of the Pain of Chocolate but this is a fun meal too!

So after eating all the delicious food, I’ll wander out of Epcot with my baguette, maybe riding Imagination and Spaceship Earth before calling it an early night. On the bus by 7:30 and in my hotel room by 8:30 getting ready for another early morning.

Total: $37.32 ($39.56 with tax)

What would be on your menu for the day?

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