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5 Promises I’m Making to Myself For My 6th Dopey Challenge

So this is the last big week of training for those running the WDW Marathon, the Goofy Challenge, and the Dopey Challenge. It’s almost here everybody!!!

So with that I’m starting to set up myself mentally to tackle my 6th Dopey Challenge. This challenge tests me every time but I always have fun and get to connect with friends which is worth all the early mornings and all the miles!


As approach my 6th Dopey Challenge here are 5 promises I’m making to myself.

  1. I will run my race plan. I will go into the weekend with a game plan and keep that in mind. I’ll keep my easy runs easy and my efforts hard when that’s the plan. I’ll remind myself to run the mile I’m in.

  2. I will schedule naps. These are REALLY early mornings and I won’t get great sleep the night before any race so I will schedule my naps and stick to that schedule no matter how much I want to play in the parks. It’s not only important for catching up on some sleep but also to rest my legs and get off my feet.

  3. I will prep everything I need the night before to keep mornings stress free. I will help myself out by prepping everything I need the night before each race. I’ll lay out my clothes, my drop bag, my bib, my breakfast, and everything else I’ll need to make sure I just have to grab and go at 3am.

  4. I will go to bed early. I will aim to be back in my hotel room room no later than 9 (except maybe before the 5k since I want to see MK fireworks) so I can put my feet you and feel like I’m giving myself time to get some sleep. I may not be able to fall asleep immediately but just being in bed and giving my body time to rest will help me race morning!

  5. I will stay flexible. With traveling, running, and being in the excitement of Walt Disney World I can easily run myself ragged. If I end up getting sick or extra tired, I promise to keep my plans flexible and to take care of myself. I will remain flexible and run to my ability. My main goal is to walk away from the weekend having a great time!

BONUS – I will not stress about weather more than 3-5 days before I leave. The weather is CRAZY this time of year in Florida so I will try not to stress about the weather until about 3-5 days out. Regardless of what is posted I also promise to pack one of everything… just in case. Hot, cold, rainy, you name it it’s happened at some point during WDW Marathon Weekend!

So those are the 5 things + a bonus that I’m promising to myself as my training peaks this week and then I roll into taper (oh yeah, I also promise to trust my training!).

The WDW Marathon Weekend is the best and I can’t wait to be in Florida running in my favorite place again!


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    1. haha… depends on the night, how long my nap is during the day, and what my race goals are for the next day but 9pm is the "must be back in the room" time. Might be pushing it though on Wednesday night because I want to see the MK fireworks.

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