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WDW 5k – WDW Marathon Weekend 2017

Hello all,

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been struggling to engage with writing about running but hoping to get back to it. So with that, here we go!

So we talked about the expo already and I DEFINITELY went at the right time to avoid the super crazy. So with that it’s time to get to the races!

I was running all the races with my friend Jenny and I was super excited because we had coordinated some fun Moana inspired running outfits!

I loved Moana and loved the glitz of Tamatoa, his song was just so sassy!

The race was at 6am which means we got to sleep in, well sort of… I was up and at ’em early and we were on our way to the bus a little before 4:30am. I tried getting some coffee at Pop Century but no dice, they were only staffing the cafeteria on the Half and Marathon mornings.

I love staying at Pop Century or any resort with lots of runners because it makes getting to the start easier. No stopping at multiple resorts, no waiting a long time for the next bus, it’s so smooth.

A groggy start to the day on the bus sans coffee but it was a beautiful morning for a 5k. The weather was warm and perfect for a 3.1 mile run!

I was able to grab some coffee at a table/stand set up, sweet nectar of life!

Pro-tip: Take a $5 or $10 with you to the start area if you want some coffee or a snack. They have some small tables set up selling coffee and snacks that only takes cash (no MagicBand or Credit). I believe the real concessions tent was open too where you can use your MB or CC but these tables are real quick!


We met up with the running Ohana and then into the corrals we went. It really was a beautiful morning for a 5k!

5k Map

5k Map

We started in corral C which was fine by me. Not so far back that we had really long lines for characters but also not in a corral with anyone that was really racing. The first mile is all back stage which is fun but nothing much to see. They have Miss Bunny and Thumper set up for photos back stage.

We entered World Showcase between Mexico and Norway and hung a left to take the full tour around the lagoon!

Love the views in Epcot early in the morning!

We stopped for a couple pics but the lines for characters were pretty long so we were choosey.


Look how cute Chip and Dale are in their Morroccan outfits!


Space Goofy!

After looping around World Showcase we then went back stage for a little bit we then came back into Epcot. While running the loop in Future World West we passed a paraplegic who was moving well. So inspiring (you can read his full story here: Man With Paraplegia Takes Part in Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge

We then exited Epcot, made a few final turns and crossed the finish line! Getting through the finish line shoot was a breeze.

We finished the first of 4 races, hooray! It was a casual, easy run around Epcot, lots of characters, some character lines and lots of fun the whole way! This is still one of my favorite races, it’s so fun and easy going, I do miss the medallions though. There was something so fun and colorful about them but these new medals are pretty snazzy too!

After pics we hopped in a VERY long line to get back to Pop Century. I think we waited 15-20 minutes, not great but not too bad. Overall, happy with the experience!

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