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This is Getting Real! (21 Days Until the Boston Marathon)

Hello there!

I sit here post-final long-long run before my first Boston Marathon and I’m getting so excited. It’s almost here, something I’ve been dreaming about for 5 years then set a goal of qualifying for in 2013 and worked my butt off in 2016 to finally accomplish.

It’s been a long journey and it’s so strange and exhilarating that it’s almost here! This might rival my excitement for a Disney vacation, I think it’s at least equal to that. 🙂

After running my best 20 miler in recent memory today, I’m feeling so good rolling into taper up to the race. Seriously, my run has left me on cloud nine and I couldn’t be more excited. I fell strong and ready for this race and this race experience!

While on my run I started thinking about my race goals, I’ve been thinking about them a lot while I’ve been running speed work and begrudgingly rolling out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. So what are my goals?

Honestly, my only goal is to not miss a moment of ANY of it. I want to try to go to some events and shake out runs. I want to take in the crowds. I want to experience all of it!

Technically I’ve been training with the 3:30 paces guide so I could, maybe, possibly pull out another PR but Boston is a beast of a course and, honestly, that’s not the goal. I want to run. I want to LOVE the run. I want to LOVE Boston!

I want to enjoy every mile knowing that I’m running the same course as countless runners before me. I’m running in the same race as Meb and Des. To know that Kathrine Switzer will be there to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her historical run. I can’t wait to get that beautiful unicorn medal.

So with that it’s time to focus on the taper, give my legs all the foam rolling they deserve, and start planning all the fun Boston activities. AHHHH only 21 more days!

PS If you know any great blog post about past experiences, I’d be interested! Leave the link in the comment!

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