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WDW Marathon Weekend 2016 – Half Marathon

Day 3 of the Dopey Challenge 2016 here we go! Hello 3:15am, you are just so gosh darn early.

Orange is the new fast! #BibRavepro

Orange is the new fast! #BibRavepro

I left my cabin just before 4am and was on a bus around 4:10. It filled up quickly and we were on our way to Epcot! This was not going to be a repeat of the 10k where I barely made it to the corral.

The bus pulled up at 4:25ish. Yes! I was going to get to hang out with some friends and make the walk calmly to the corrals. That’s what I thought before I saw the security bag check. It was a slow moving beohemeth that stretched all the way across one section of the parking lot…

Hello from the back of the bag check security line!

Hello from the back of the bag check security line!

10 min, went by and we were moving slowly. 20 min… 25 min… finally in the switchback part of the line. 30 min later and I was finally through the line, huzzah!

It was now 5am so I knew I needed to head straight to the corrals if I was going to start with corral C. 

Making my way to the start area!

Making my way to the start area!

I made my way over, stopped at a port-o-potty (pro-tip: the porta-potties by the start corrals tend to me less crowded) and was in my corral by 5:20. Time to spare!

With some fireworks we were off!


Come along while I take all the character pictures!

We passed a marching band and then continued on our way to the Magic Kingdom. It was hot, muggy and extremely foggy. The first 3 miles take you from Epcot to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) toll plaza.

We ran into the TTC parking lot and passed where the race track used to be. We also got to see some characters!

Vanellope skipped away right before i took my picture :(

Vanellope skipped away right before i took my picture 🙁

I don't know where I'm looking but... oogie!!!

I don’t know where I’m looking but… oogie!!!

Once through the TTC, we made our way up the road, undert the water bridge, and towards the Contemporary. Then we went backstage at MK and a few turns and we were on Main St! This is always my favorite part. So many people cheering and the beautifull glittering castle! It can get a little crowded though, be careful!

We then turned right into Tomorrowland and then through Fantasyland. Through the castle and a right into Liberty Square and then through Fronteirland. We then exited the parks and exited MK and made our way into the backstage area and then on our way to the half way point!

While on the road running passed the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and the golf course and saw some more friends!

Once you pass the golf course you are in the home stretch to Epcot! I was feeling good so I picked up the pace a bit and stretched my legs. Down the road and then up and onto the overpass back to Epcot! A quick loop through backstage Epcot, then inside the park, past the hallelujah chorus and then into the finishers chute!

we are ready for vacation!

we are ready for vacation!

Across the finish line and completing my 3rd race, only 1 more to go! I had such a great run! I had a blast getting pictures and the run felt easy. Just what you want on day 3 of Dopey!

Another magical race is in the books and only 1 more race until another Dopey Challenge is in the books!

And in case you weren’t keeping track of all the characters and entertainment:

  • Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it! stilt walkers – Epcot median (viewed twice)
  • Sebastian Puppet – Median to MK (viewed twice)
  • Hot Air Ballon – Median to MK (viewed twice)
  • Vanellope and Ralph – turn into the TTC parking lot
  • Oogie – TTC parking lot
  • Mike and Sully (MU) – Tomorrowland
  • Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, and the Queen of Hearts – Pooh
  • Mime and thugs (Rapunzel) – Friar’s Nook
  • Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff – Castle Balcony
  • Train + Conductor and Engineer – Exiting Fronteirland/MK
  • Neverland Characters + Festival of Fantasy Float – MK Backstage
  • Bert (and Mary Poppins) w/ Penguins – Grand Floridian
  • Stitch -Poly/Golf Course
  • Golf Goofy – Golf Course
  • Green Army Men – Overpass back into Epcot
  • Genie (and Darkwing Duck) – Showcase Plaza (Epcot Turnaround Point)
  • Characters at the finish line

Until tomorrow!

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