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WDW Marathon Weekend 2016 – Let’s Get Ready for Magic!

I love that the WDW Marathon Weekend has kicked off my new year for the last 5 years and I can’t wait for number 6!

This was my first marathon EVER back in 2011. I wanted to see some backstage areas, I wanted a reason to start running, and I wanted some Mickey Mouse bling! Who knew it would kick off a 6 year running adventure for me and introduce me to so many great people and take me to so many places.

This is still one of my favorite weekends and I keep coming back for more. Over the years I’ve run:

And I’m hoping to complete my 3rd Dopey Challenge this year and enjoy another 48.6 magical miles. Here’s what you should know!


Let’s Get to the Logistics!

Official guide.JPG


Review the Official Event Guide and make sure you know what to expect out on the course. Print your waiver, sign your waiver, and pack your waiver, like, right now! You can print it at the expo but it’s a million times easier if you can just bring it with you. Looking at your bib number you can then figure out what corral you’re in and when you might start. Generally there is 5-10 minutes between corrals.

The Expo

Advice: Pack your patience


The expo is busy. Plan to be there for at least 1 hour if you are just picking up your bib, if you are planning to get some official merchandise too then you should plan for 2 hours just to be safe. To get your bib and tshirts you will have to take you waiver to the appropriate location and wait in line to get your bib (unless you go during slow times). You will then have to walk to another building (where the indoor expo vendors are) and pick up your tshirts and goodie bag.

You should also check out the speaker schedule. There are some great talks!

Planning for Your Race!

Advice: Pack for anything and take the lead!

WEATHER.COM as of 1/1/2016

WEATHER.COM as of 1/1/2016

There are 2 things you need to do before your race. First, pack and prep for race day and second, if you have friends and family spectating come up with a game plan for them.

When packing make sure you have your running shoes and all your running needs (KT tape, gels, hydration mixes, etc). Also, pack a few items that you can “throw away” at the beginning of the race. Since runDisney wants you to be in the corrals 30 minutes a head of time that means you will be waiting around for about an hour in whatever weather before you start. Go to your local thrift shop and find a nice sweatshirt/sweat pants that you won’t mind leaving on the course (for runDisney to donate). 

Get you spectators ready! You have been planning for MONTHS. Your family? Not so much. Tell them where they can see you and when to expect you at these places. Also, set up expectations for the days you need to go to the expo and what you plan to do at those events. If you are proactive, both you and they will have a better time.

I wrote up a blog last year about RunDisney Race Advice That I Wish I Hadn’t Taken So Literally and I’d check it out!

I’m getting so excited and I also hope you can join us for the 5k on our Jungle Cruise themed adventure! Check out the FB event here:

Can’t wait to see you all there! What are you most looking forward to? What are you nervous about? 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I can help!

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