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Tuesday Tip – Run Something New!

I’m itching to get on some trails so I thought I’d share my favorite tips for hitting the trails for the first time.

  1. Find a Trail – Do some research and find a trail near you. Strava and other online resources come in really handy!
  2. Get Ready for Hills – The best part of trail running is getting in some major elevation gain. Hill running is a great way to build strength but be prepared. Learn to take smaller steps and keep breathing!
  3. Make Sure Your Feet Are Ready – Is the trail you are planning to run rocky? Is there going to be snow or ice? Make sure your feet are protected and ready to take it on!
  4. Let Someone Know Where You Are Going – Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back. You might be moving a little slower so give them a generous estimate. 
  5. Enjoy the Adventure – The best part of trail running? The adventure! It’s a beautiful day when you get out into nature and see the world.

So with spring just around the corner, get ready to get outside! So what are you most excited for as the temperature gets warmer?

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