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Tuesday Tip – Learn to Set Up a Workout

So I don’t like to admit it but, I’m totally addicted to my GPS watch. A run doesn’t happen if I don’t wear it. Occassionally I’ll run without it but that’s usually when it’s dead and I can’t wait 30 min for it to get enough juice.

I’m now running with the Garmin 230 and I LOVE being able to set up workouts on it. The night before I set up my distances, times, or whatever I need, load it onto my Garmin and I’m ready to go for my  morning workout.

PS – It’s also really easy to do!

Let’s go to the

Select your workout type…

Setting up a basic workout is easy. Choose the time, distance, or other metric and you can even break it up into a warm up and cool down too!

You can even set up repeats! Save it, sync it to your watch, and you are good to go!

Once you saved your workout, you’ll select “Send to Device” to make sure it syncs.

When you head out for your run you’ll hit the top right button on your watch as usual and then press the down arrow to go to “menu”, select “Training”, “My Workouts”, select the workout you want and then select “Do Workout”. It’ll beep/vibrate when you’ve reached a new part of your workout and let you just focus on the run.

This definitely helped me to love my watch that much more!

Do you have a GPS watch? What’s your favorite feature?

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