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Tuesday Tip – Getting That Spring In Your Step!

So you know what the most important gear is for any runner? SHOES! They really can make or break your running.

So how do you go about finding your next pair of shoes? Here is a quick way to start your shoe search!

  1. Do Some Research! I love plugging in my info into the Runner’s World Shoe Finder: – This is a great tool to make sure you have a couple models in mind when you…
  2. Go to a Local Running Store! If you have a great local running store or a Road Runner Sport or other running specific store, go there. They are going to have the info you need and be able to guide you through the shoe fitting process.
  3. Ask a friend! While everyone has different running needs, getting recommendations from others will give you a place to start when staring and the wall of shoes.

BONUS – Know the return policy at the store you bought your shoes! Most running stores will have a 30 day-ish, no questions ask return policy.

Thanks for reading and happy running!

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