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Tuesday Tip – From Car (or Hotel) to Start Line

So you’ve trained, you’ve hydrated, you’ve planned out every detail and now you are parking and about to go to the start line for your next race! Woo hoo!

If you’re running late it can be a rush to get to the start line but here are 5 things you can do to make sure you get to the race and have a good post.

  1. Put an extra water bottle in the car – Just incase the race post party isn’t as well stocked as you expected or just incase you aren’t feeling well after the race, it’s always good to throw an extra water bottle in the car. (Extra food also encouraged!)
  2. Do a temperature check before dashing to the start line – Step outside the car and do a temp check. Do you have the right number of layers? Do you want that throw away sweatshirt or would you rather leave it in the car for next race? Make final adjustments before locking up! (Note: it’s much easier to change into/out of running tights in the comfort of your car.)
  3. Make a note about where you parked – Post-race “fuzzy brain” is not a joke. Use an app and drop a pin to note where you parked. Take a pic of the cross streets. Take a pic of the parking lot signs noting the row.
  4. Double check everything! – Before leaving you car or hotel behind double check everything. Garmin? Check. Music? Check. Energy gels? Check. Let’s do this! (Triple checking is always encouraged!)
  5. Try to remember some landmarks as you go to the start line – The post-race walk back to the car can feel very long. If you can remember some landmarks along the route it’ll keep your whiny post race brain at ease that you are indeed going in the right direction.

Now go find a porta-potty. Do those things and it will make race day that much easier. Good luck out there!

What are you pre-race rituals?

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