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Safety On the Run – Night Running + Reflective BUFF® Review

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® Original to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Safety is something most runners take for granted. As I’ve grown up and gotten more aware of the world around me I’ve become more and more aware of the need to take basic precautions to stay safe while running.

As summer rolls into fall our runs start to fall into the times of dimming light or darkness and, well, that means you need to take additional steps to stay visible on the run. Here are my tips!

Wear Reflective Gear

Reflective gear is a great first defense. It’s usually simple and many jackets and shoes already integrate reflective detailing. Winning! Make sure the detailing is on the front or back since that is most often when people need the details the most. If the details are on the side of your body it’s not worthless but it’s definitely not as effective.

Another way to go is to buy reflective accessories. I like this option better since it’s easier to re-wear accessories run to run, it’s harder to wear the same jacket or leggings on every run and more expensive to buy a whole wardrobe of new reflective gear.

One of my new favorite accessories is my Original BUFF® with Reflective details! The Reflective BUFF® is everything you love about a BUFF® with the added safety of bright colors (yellow, orange, pink(NEW!) and black) and reflective details.

The Original BUFF® is the most versatile accessory you can have because it can be an earband, a hat, a neck warmer, a mouth cover, a mouth and head cover, a sweat wipe… well you get the picture.

It wicks sweat, controls odors, and is going to be your new best running, hiking, biking and any outdoor activity friend!

If head gear isn’t your think you can also get a vest or I also have these handy velcro ankle accessories (originally meant for bikers) that help me remain visible.

Wear Lights

Reflective gear is a passive way to be visible, actually having lights on you is the active way to be visible. I really enjoy wearing these little beauties on my sneakers…

They are small, light and because they are on your feet, always moving making them more likely to catch someone’s eye.

There are also lots of vests with lights in them. These are awesome and easy to throw on top of any running outfit!

You not only want people to see you but you want to see where you are going. Nothing is worse than relaying on street lights and not realizing it was a crack in the sidewalk and not just a shadow. You need to get a headlamp! I love my BlackDiamond Spot headlamp, it has all the modes you could need to see and be seen!

Stay Aware

The best offense is a good defense. Nothing beats staying aware of your surroundings and people you pass. Be sure you can hear what’s around you and keep your head on a swivel to make sure we don’t miss a potential issue. If you are listening to music or podcasts, take and earbud out or check out headphones that still allow you to hear what’s around you like the Trekz Titanium, their new Pink edition includes a donation to Bright Pink, an organization devoted to breast and ovarian health.

Be seen, see what’s around you and stay aware. This is a great way to keep yourself a little bit safer!

So let me know, what do you do to stay safe while on the run? Leave me a comment!

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