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Running Update & My Next Marathon!

Hello all,

It’s been awhile since I’ve really honestly shared my running adventures with you all. and with the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon NEXT WEEK, I thought this was a great time to pause and reflect.

Did you know I got a coach? Did you know I’ve been more focused than ever? Did you know that I’m trying to get over my hip/hamstring stuff? Nope, because I’ve been playing it all close the vest. Sorry, sometimes I’ve just got to stay focused and keep some stuff to myself!

So first off – I have a coach now! Twitter friend Jonathan (@JWLevitt) tweeted me the contact information for his coach last fall. At the time I was fed up with being injured and not progressing in my running. I was tired and frustrated. At the time I was ramping up for Dopey so I held off starting something completely new until that was over. Fast forward to the end of January and I had a training plan with more speedwork and interesting workouts than every before.

Plus, I had a coach, aka someone I was accountable to, and if there is one major personality trait that rules a lot of my peronsality it’s definitely not wanting to let anyone down. I’ve learned to be careful when I sign up for something because if I’m not 150% involved I feel like I’m slacking. Having a coach means I have to report to someone when I have a day that doesn’t go well. I can’t just opt to turn a 5 mile morning into a 3 mile morning without the guilt of knowing I’m letting down my coach and really ultimately myself.

If you need that accountability I HIGHLY recommend finding a coach!

Coach Stam is pretty awesome you can reach him on Twitter – @Stamgator!

Anyways, so I’ve been focusing on my speedwork and actually varying the intensity of my runs. Who knew I would love tempo runs so much?

It’s really nice to have my training plan and paces all laid out for me. I just had to check my plan, set up my Garmin, and I was set for the next morning. 

So now I’m a week away from the Famouse Idaho Potato Marathon in Boise, ID. I finished up my last Sunday run/workout and I feel great. The run was great, my legs feel ready to eat some miles, and I’m totally focused. With an imminent race though comes the pre-race anxiety. Eep!

Things that I feel good about:

  • I feel prepared
  • My legs feel rested
  • I’ve had a great training volume and lots of race pace workouts
  • I’ve been doing more core work and strengthening which just makes me feel badass

Things that make me anxious:

  • You never know what might happen out there (tummy troubles, water, etc)
  • My hamstring is not 100%. It’s probably the best it’s been in over a year going into a race though!
  • That my anxiety will get the best of me. Yeah, I’m anxious about my anxiety. Welcome to my world. 😛

If you are in Boise, feel free to drop me a line, I’d love to meet some fellow runners! I can’t wait to celebrate running my 14th marathon in my 6th state!

Don’t forget you can get a #Buffie with me to win an awesome Buff prize pack.

Seriously though, I’m ready to eat some pavement guys, I’m itching for this race! Plus, I have some fun summer plans that I can’t wait to share with you. Keep setting those goals and chasing those dreams!

What’s your next goal race? Is it a new distance? Or are you focusing on tuning up? Let me know in the comments below!

0 thoughts on “Running Update & My Next Marathon!”

  1. I’m going to start reading more religiously. You are my life/run-spiration!!!
    My goal is to run a 5K! I got up to the distance but not the speed, and I want to run all the way.
    <333 princess frankie

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