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Expo and Sioux Falls – Sioux Falls Marathon

Hello hello hello there!

Time to recap another eventful race weekend at the Sioux Falls Marathon. This was my 3rd marathon in 2016, my 15th marathon in my running career and I checked off my 8th state for the 50 state club. Just 2 more states before I can apply!

I was pumped for this marathon which you can read about by clicking below. I had trained well, I was feeling good, and I was ready to tackle this race. The race looked pretty good and I love a good loop course but that 611ft of climbing had me slightly nervous but not too much.

So with that let’s jump in!

Race Expo

We drove from Colorado to South Dakota and spent a night in Nebraska as a pitstop. I had gotten a room at the host hotel, the Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center, and while I could’ve found a cheaper hotel, the convenience factor more than made up for this! It was literally right next to/connected to the convention center/Sioux Falls Arena!

The expo was pretty small, with a few mostly local vendors or races out. I was able to get in an out pretty quickly and they had cowbells so I grabbed a couple for my boyfriend who was traveling with me. Everyone was friendly and the process was painless!


This is not an expo where you can bank on being able to grab fuel or gear if you forgot it so pack smart if you don’t want to try to find a sports store in Sioux Falls.

They also had a wrapped truck with all the registered runners on it!

The swag was not too shabby though, nice shirt, nice hat, and other goodies to pick up!

After the expo I relaxed for a little bit, took the dog for a walk and then we headed to downtown Sioux Falls where the Germanfest was going on. It was super fun, beer, pretzels and polkas abounded!

Guy who was handing out pretzels (not my boyfriend :P)

Guy who was handing out pretzels (not my boyfriend :P)

We then grabbed some dinner and unwound for the evening under a beautiful sky. Only one more sleep until my next marathon and my second BQ attempt! :D

What do you like at an expo? Lot of vendors or the ability to get in and out at lightning speed? Let me know in the comments!

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