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5 Things I’m excited for at the Fall Equinox Half

So September is a very busy running month for me. Sioux Falls marathon last weekend, the Fall Equinox Half this week, and then off to Paris to get my Castle to Chateau medal!

The Fall Equinox Half is one I”ve been excited to run for awhile now! The course looks awesome, the race organizers are awesome and I’m pumped to be running my 25 half marathon. It was rated Best Half Marathon in the West Mountatin Region by Competitor so that’s saying something!

Let’s countdown the 5 things I’m most looking forward to race day!

1. Green Events event!

I had a really good time at the Human Race Half Marathon in July and it was put on by the same race organization as this one. Expectations are high because that race was so well run and so fun!

2. Some sweet gear!

The long-sleeve, 1/4 zip that I’ll get for this race is sweet, I’m stoked just for that and can’t wait to wear it for lots of fall training!

3. Beautiful scenery!

The official Facebook and Twitter keep posting these GORGEOUS pics of the course, I cannot want to run in this beautiful place!

4. Not only beautiful but the course is also downhill!

While I really don’t have any expectations for this race since I’m still recovering from last weekend’s marathon. I’m really excited for a downhill course to help keep me moving forward. The Fall Equinox Half Marathon and 5 Mile is a downhill race course that descends the Poudre canyon, dropping about 650 vertical feet over 13 miles. Awesome!


5. Fort Collins Brewery Beer and delicious Howling Cow Cafe chocolate milk at the Finish!

One things I really love about Colorado races? Good beer! Can’t wait to finish off the race with some good beer and other refreshments!

If I’ll see you at this race I’ve got some friendly reminders!

  • Check out the official app – it’s pretty slick and an easy way to have info at your finger tips! 
  • It’s a point to point course and you can ONLY park at the finish and then get shuttled to the start. Half Marathon shuttles runs from 6-6:30 and the 5 miler shuttles run from 6:15-6:45.
  • If you haven’t already paid and arranged to have you packet mailed to you or paid to arrange for race day pick up, you’ll need to swing by Sierra Trading Post in Fort Collins, CO Saturday between 2 and 7.
  • All aid stations will have water, Nuun and medical.
  • It’s a green event so try to keep clean and not litter on the course!

I’ll see you there!

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