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5 Exercises That Make Me Feel Bada$$

So you know those strength exercises that you never thought you could do that now you do regularly? Or those moves that just make you feel more bada$$ everytime? I’m counting down my top 5 moves that always make me feel amazing and strong everytime.

These are also really great moves to help you strengthen key running muscles!

So let’s get to it!


This is an exercise that I never enjoyed/couldn’t do well/ran away from it was ever brought up. I then started doing them and now can successfully complete a set of 15 and, well, that feels pretty darn awesome. Don’t be afraid of the pushup!

Russian Twists

These always make me feel the burn and makes my core feel so strong and fit. No matter what these always make me feel stronger and fitter!

One Legged Squats

These are really hard at the begining. It takes balance and strength and you beocome accutely aware of how weak your ankles are immediately. However, after completely them a few times, you start to get more stable and you start rocking these squats!


This one kicks my butt every. single. time. but it hurst so good. I’ve never gotten great at these and I love walking awy feeling all my core muslces tight and strong. Great to build total core stability!


If you are looking for a move that will get ALL your abdominal muslces firing, look no further. Bicycles are simple but they twist and extension makes sure you are working EVERYTHING and makes you feel so strong when you finish. Kicking butt and taking names!

These moves are great to make anyone feel stronger, fitter and maybe even a littl faster. So I want to know…

What exercises make you feel awesome? What exercises can you do now that you couldn’t before?

Let me know if the comments below!

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