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Let’s Go to Sioux Falls! – Sioux Falls Marathon

I leave tonight for Sioux Falls, SD!

If you had asked me at any other point in my life if I’d be excited to go to South Dakota I would’ve given a very half hearted, up-speak “yeeessss?” but from where I stand today I’m stoked!

I’m really ready to crush this race. I know anything can happen on race day but from where I sit right now I’d put the work in and it’s time to run hard, run with my heart and go for “gold”.

With that, let’s talk about the Sioux Falls Marathon!

The details:

  • Start Time: 6:30am CDT
  • Start Location: Sioux Falls Arena (the expo is in the same location Sat 10-7)
  • Elevation Gain: 611 ft according to the MapMyRun Map
  • Course Type: Loop – my favorite!
  • Swag: Long sleeve tee, hat, and finisher medal (assuming I get there!)
  • Water Stops: 15, every 1 or 2 miles with GU at 2 water stops
  • Course Map: 

It starts at 6:30am, a half hour before the half marathon at the Sioux Falls Arena. I’m staying at the host hotel (thank you for being awesome and thank you self for saving that one night I had earned) so everything should go smoothly. No buses to mess up this time too, score!

The course is relatively flat and Sioux Falls is at 1,400 ft so basically sea-level for the win!

Weather? Looking good, maybe a little windy but the temps around 50-55F will be cool at the start!

I’m really stoked that they actually have a really slick app too, check it out:

So where am I right now? (training, mentally, etc)

I’m feeling pretty good. Nothing has been too achy, my final easy run felt solid, and overall my body of training has never felt stronger. Was every run great? No. Did the heat of summer get to me? Yes. Still looking at it overall, I’ve been running a little faster and feeling a little stronger through it all so I’m feeling pretty good. Again, you never know what will happen on race day but I’ve done what I can do and now the aim is to give it my all. That’s all you can ask for!

I’m also SO hungry for a new marathon PR and a better BQ to submit in the next week or two. With Boston registration opening immediately after the race, my carrot is literally RIGHT THERE. It’s so close I can taste it. SO CLOSE!

So here we go, marathon number 15 here I come!

Are you running a race this weekend? Are you running in Sioux Falls? Let me know in the comments

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