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Workouts 8/17 – 8/23

Another week in the bank! More miles, more trails, and more beautful sunrises. As the days get shorter I’m excited to see more sunrises and sunsets on my runs!

This week was fairly successful. I was able to reach my mileage goals but struggled through my long run but bounced back on the Sunday for my 10 miler.

I’m getting so excited for the Disneyland Half Marathon and I can’t believe we’re only a month away from my first 50k! So much running excitement!

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday – 5.5 miles – Normally this is a rest day but since I was in Boston I wanted to take advantage of that and get a tour of the city! A loop around Bostom Commons and then running along the Charles River, it was beautiful but I forgot how much humidity sucks!
  • Tuesday – Rest day! – I did an ab workout though!
  • Wednesday – 6 miles – Back from vacation and back to the grind! I also did another core workout.
  • Thursday – 5 miles – Did a steady paced run to see where I was at and was about to maintain a 7:51 min/mile run for 5 miles. Woots!
  • Friday – Rest Day!
  • Saturday – 14 miles – This was a struggle run. I feel like every trail run is a struggle. This time I was back at Walker ranch and decided to do the El Dorado out and back and it. kicked. my. butt. 600 ft of climbing in about a mile. After that out and back my hips and low back were not happy, making the remaining miles of Walker ranch a struggle. I once again ran out of water too. Yeesh… 
  • Sunday – 10 miles – After Saturday’s struggle, this was a surprisingly easy run. Maintained a just sub-9 min/mile pace for the whole run and really felt great.

Total Mileage: 40.5 miles

Beautiful Boston!

Beautiful Boulder!

Saturday’s run pointed out 2 glaring issues. 1) I need to strengthen my lower back 2) I need to strengthen my hips. Both of these things I knew but this run made it ridiculously apparent.

I also found my happy place on Sunday evening. It was a beautiful sunset with a cool breeze. I love running and I love running in Boulder. Find your happy place this week! 

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