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3 Days Until Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

On every BIG race aniversary we celebrate those that have run all the races! This year we get to celebrate 436 runners who has run this race every year since 2006. These guys rock!

These amazing images have run 13.1 miles for 10 years meaning they’ve run a combined…

57,116 miles!

These folks in total have run around the Earth’s equator 2+ times. That’s a lot of magical miles!

3 thoughts on “3 Days Until Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!”

  1. For trivia lovers like me, your countdown posts to the Disneyland half marathon have been a lot of fun to read! I loved seeing all ten Disneyland half marathon medals and I didn't know there was a Disneyland marathon in 1995 until I read your blog. My costumes are ready and it's just two more sleeps till I fly to LA. Dumbo Double Dare, I'm coming for you!

  2. Thanks Sam! It's been fun for me to do the research and share this with all of you. Safe travels and see you in Disneyland!!!

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