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1 Day Until Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

That’s right guys, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend kicks-off tomorrow. Hope you are packed and ready to run beautiful miles in Anaheim, CA!!!

So today we are going to look at ALL the miles run by ALL the finishers of the Disneyland Half Marathon. According to the records I found here are the year by year statistics!

Year – Finishers

  • 2006 – 9393
  • 2007 – 9760
  • 2008 – 10846
  • 2009 – 11645
  • 2010 – 12363
  • 2011 – 12802
  • 2012 – 14831
  • 2013 – 15872
  • 2014 – 15979

Over the past 9 years there has been 113,491 finish lines celebrated at Disneyland for a total of… 

1,486,732.10 miles run at the Happiest Place On Earth!


Hope you are ready to celebrate your training, your journey, and the magic that is runDisney!

0 thoughts on “1 Day Until Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!”

  1. You really did a lot of research and number crunching, which is awesome to see and differentiates your blogs. It looks like there are 18,197 bibs for the Dumbo (6,146) and half (12,051) this year. I hope as many of us make it to the starting line as possible! My checklist is complete and I'm on my way to the airport now.

    I only started running last year and this is the first time I'm running at Disneyland. So yeah, I missed the first nine years. I'm happy my proof of time slotted me into corral A as I'll be trying to get to as many character photo stops as I can before the lines get super long and the temperature really warms up. It's going to be fun!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the numbers! I think it's awesome that so many people have put in so much sweat equity into this runDisney event. I'm always amazed and proud to be a part of the running community!

    See you in corral A and good luck! runDisney puts on a great race and I CAN NOT wait to earn those medals, they are AMAZING this year!

  3. I took up running specifically to travel, so it's been neat to learn there are others who travel on a whim with seemingly bottomless budgets.

    I ran as Anger this morning and then enjoyed some time at the beach (crazy parking) after a nap. I was hoping to link up and run with other Inside Out characters but that chance didn't come up. Next time! I'm Woody tomorrow, complete with cowboy hat and rodeo belt buckle. I didn't do a test run with the belt buckle, so that piece could be interesting.

    If I wear a medal at the park tomorrow, I'm bringing my half marathon medal. The Dopey medal looks great too but the spinning diamond is amazing and I can't wait to earn it!

    Good luck and have fun!

  4. It was my first half at Disneyland and I enjoyed it! During the race, I was surprised there were no character stops or MarathonFoto photographers after we left the parks except inside Angels Stadium and the finish line, but it makes sense now.

    It was a hot day! I didn't think it affected me that much, but I looked like I had stepped out of a shower. In the reunion area, I was literally sweating small puddles on the pavement like Olaf in summer. I felt fortunate to have finished early as I know the back of the pack runners would've had it the worst. I was up for about 20 hours on Sunday and I drank over 1.5 gallons of fluids throughout the day and still couldn't fully rehydrate.

    My Woody costume was rock solid with no malfunctions and it turned out to be popular with the spectators. A runner came up to me at the reunion area and said she ran near me during the entire race and all she could hear was, "Woody!", "Woody!" Oops. One of the cow prints on my vest was a hidden Mickey and wearing a belt buckle wasn't an issue.

    I had planned to kick it into overdrive the last 5k after Angels Stadium, but I found a Jessie and slowed my pace to run together. She didn't say much and I couldn't tell if she was hinting that this town ain't big enough for the two of us or if she was working hard and couldn't speak. I think costumed runners usually like seeing other costumed runners, but I wasn't sure in this case.

    I buy into the Disney magic, so the hangover of coming home and trying to settle back into my normal routine again was probably the toughest part of the race weekend. I'm looking forward to returning in January for the Rebel Challenge with new costumes (BB-8!) but now I need to refocus on the Chicago Marathon that's only a month away. Disneyland last weekend and the Lululemon SeaWheeze a few weeks ago have definitely thrown off my preparation for it.

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