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10k Race Recap – Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

And it’s time to kick it off the races! Are you ready for a 10k?!




2015 Course Map

After the fireworks I hurried back to the hotel and got my outfit together for the morning and hit the sack. I knew 4am was going to come quickly! I love the Disneyland races because walking to the start line is so much easier than having to drive or take a bus like at WDW. It’s just once less thing to worry about!

Got dressed and curled my hair a bit because today I was running as… the redhead!

Let’s here it boys! Which bride do you want from the auction?
— Katherine (@MouseRuns) September 5, 2015

THE Redhead

This is costume I had been thinking about doing for a while and this is definitely the first phase of this costume. I need to figure out that hat but it was so much fun to run in!

Getting to the start was super easy, I was staying at the Anaheim Plaza Inn on Harbor and it was probably a 10-15 minute walk depending on how fast you are walking! Not the nicest hotel, but it was fairly clean, felt safe, and a good cheap place to rest our heads at night.




Our finish line for this villianous race!

I left my room around 4:45, got to the start area right around 5am and met up with some runner friends! Couldn’t have asked for better running buddies than Mandy (@amandaJeberly) and Jeff  (@JSmerc26pt2) for the race! With an electric guitar version of the National Anthem that rocked, we were off!




Maleficent was there to do the official start!

The course started out on the streets of Anaheim where we ran down Disneyland Dr all the way to the Convention Center, we then headed east around the center and the Hilton and took Harbor back to Disneyland where we went backstage and then into DCA. We then crossed over to Disneyland and then it was back through Downtown Disney to the finish line. I really loved that they put the park miles later in the race, it made it that much more special! The only characters I didn’t get a picture with was the Dr. Facilier performer and one other that is escaping me right now. Love stopping for great character ops!















Brer Fox REALLY liked me :)






This was a great race and I had a blast stopping for characters and running easy with friends. Probably one of my favorite races to date!

Running for the bling obviously!

I then went back to the room and took a 3 hour nap (I was super tired guys, like so tired) and then we went to the Santa Monica Pier which was super fun. Got some sun and delicious seafood!

Did the waves calm my half marathon jitters?

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