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My Tips for Runners When You Move!

Hello all!

So it’s been 3 months (what?!) since I moved to Colorado which is crazy. It’s been crazy just dropping everything and moving without a real plan but it’s been a grand adventure.

I LOVE Boulder and I’ve only been here for the cold winter months… I’ve heard it gets even better! I’ve lived a lot of different places over the last 5 years (this is my 4th state in 5 years) and this one is definitely up there on the awesome scale. So many trails! So many beautiful views! SO MUCH TO EXPLORE!

Whenever I move I have fun learning about my new home and here are some of my moving tips as a runner (or biker or walker) in a new area!

  1. Get Lost! – When you go out on your first couple of runs, take your phone but just run and see where it takes you. I usually start out with an out and back route just to see where I can go in 1-3 miles. You never know what you might find! Try not to get lost but if you do – that’s why you brought your phone!
  2. Search For Races in Your New Area – This is a great way to start planning your race calendar. See what’s popular or scenic and jump in!
  3. Find a Running Group – This was a new one for me, but I started running semi-frequently with a running group out here and it’s a super fun way to meet new people, find out about races, and get a feel for the running community in your area.
  4. Search Strava (or other social fitness site) for Routes – I love doing this ANY time I get to a new place. You can find trails or park loops and see where other runners in your area like to run. Are their multi-use paths? Are their any trails?
  5. Don’t Stop Running – This is a BIG one and hard to do since moving is so stressful, but you can’t stop running. Scale back your mileage because your tired or try walking instead, but remember that carving out time for yourself is still important even though there is so much to unpack and organize. If you stop running in your new location it will be harder to rebuild the habit later.

Those are my tips for moving as a runner or even if you travel a lot. Remember to have fun out there and never stop exploring!

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