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Pancake Week! – In Review + BONUS

In Review!

This week amazing! I loved feeling compelled to cook and it was exciting to make things from scratch from things I had in the house. It’s empowering to learn to cook with a few ingredients in your cabinets!

I’m excited to keep something like this going long term, I’m thinking of trying some energy bite recipes that I’ve been saving up on Pinterest!

In case you missed a post here they are!

Pancake I’m most excited to remake?  Lemon Blueberry Pancake

Pancake I’m most excited to work into my normal repetoire? Diner Pancake and Peanut Butter Pancake

Most delicious? White Chocolate Macadamia Pancake

Really other than the Red Velvet and the Sweet Potato, these will all be made again in the near future. This has been a delicious week!



Bacon Pancake Dipper!!!


So these aren’t an entirely new pancake but more just a fun way to combine breakfast foods. I decided to make the Diner Pancake as the batter to combine with the BACON!

This week I discovered buttermilk make pancakes awesome so I decided to try out buttermilk in the Diner Pancake. This made the batter really thick so I think next time I’ll try a half and half of buttermilk and regular milk. They were delicious!

One last Mickey!

Discover more fun pancake recipes on my Pinterest board!

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