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Pancake Week! (Day 6 – Peanut Butter Pancake)


Peanut butter is up there in my personal must-have foods. I eat it basically every morning on toast for breakfast. I LOVE peanut butter! So when I saw this recipe I knew I needed to try it.

First off, if you follow the recipe to a T your batter will end up the consistency of cookies rather than pancakes. It was weird. I thought I had made the recipe wrong. Maybe that’s how the original blogger intended it but I wanted a pancake not a cookie. I ended up adding probably another 1/2 cup buttermilk and ended up with batter like this.

It was still slightly thicker than most pancake batters but it worked well to give me nice and fluffy pancakes and these pancakes rise!

Look at that fluff!

These pancakes are pretty awesome. They are a little thicker and fluffy which is awesome. The peanut butter has almost more of an aromatic quality to it. You don’t taste the peanut butter so much as you inhale it as you eat/cook them. Pretty cool!

The original poster suggested chocolate chips but I had some left over blueberry syrup in the fridge so I decided to make a PBJ style pancake stack. It was delicious!

This batter was also perfect for making some nice looking Mickeys!

I highly recommend trying this recipe. Really easy to mix up but definitely add in some more milk from the get go!

I can’t believe I only have one more day left! This week of pancakes has been so much fun!

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