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Pancake Week! (Day 4 – Lemon Blueberry Pancake)


Cats out of the bag, these pancakes are delicious and everything was pretty easy to make. I also discovered what a difference buttermilk makes in the taste of a pancake. Delicious! These pancakes are fluffy and a lovely light blend of flavors.

I got two 6 oz cartons of of blueberries and it was the perfect amount for the recipe including the syrup!

Let’s get cookin’!

Mickey turned out pretty good this morning!

Bon appetit!

This batter made LOTS of pancakes, the picture below shows what was left after me and Wookie took 3 each (15 medium sized pancakes and a Mickey in total). When I make these again I’m going to add in more lemon, I was really hoping for a more refreshing flavor but felt the lemon was hidden. Also, don’t be fooled the syrup is more like a pie filling, sweet and sugary with a nice blueberry flavor. It wasn’t exactly what I expected but was totally delicious, highly recommend trying it!

Overall, another great morning of pancake adventures!

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