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Pancake Week! (Day 2 – Sweet Potato Pancake)


So one of the things you should know about me and cooking is, that if the ingredient list is too long, I immediately dismiss it. There are exceptions to this rule but in general if I don’t have most of the ingredients already… yeaaaahhh… not happening. So this 2 ingredient recipe really appealled to me! Plus, aren’t sweet potatoes suppose to be like the best food ever for runners? Double win!

These pancakes do require a bit of prep though because you need mashed sweet potatoes. It’s not hard, peel the sweet potato, cut it up, and drop it into some boiling water (I added a pinch of salt to the water). Once they are soft mash them up and you are good to go. I prepped this the night before and it worked well. In the morning I mixed in the eggs and spices and it was time to get cooking!

I add cinnamon, clove, and splash of vanilla for flavor – worked well!

These pancakes are a bit… different. I found it hard to really cook the moisture out of them and they cook soooo slooooowly. I turned up the heat a little bit from the

Diner Pancakes

but there is just so much moisture in this mix it didn’t really help. I then tried turning it down, that seemed to work a bit better but still not quite the consistency that I find super palatable and did I mention then cook slowly?

Packing my patience as they cook.

Tried the “toddler size” pancake, worked a bit better but still a little wet.

A Mickey pancake for good measure!

The final product of all the testing!

So this recipe was… interesting. I’m going to freeze them and see if that makes the consistency a little more palatable to me. I really WANT to like these pancakes because they are so easy and rather nutritious (sweet potatoes an eggs) but I just couldn’t get them to work for me. I don’t see myself making these anytime soon (unless the freezing thing works).

If you try them out, let me know your tricks!

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