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Pancake Week! (Day 1 – Diner Pancake)

Hello all!

So if there is one thing that I love it’s breakfast foods and what better week to inspire me to try out some new recipes than National Pancake Week! I’ve been trying to confirm that pancake is this week, according to my Google Calendar it is, so I’m going with it!

I’ve picked a few recipes to try but you can check out some more recipes on my pinterest board: Follow Katherine’s board National Pancake Week! on Pinterest.

Each day I’ll be making a new type of pancake and sharing the adventure with you.

Our first pancake will be…

Classic Diner Pancake


I wanted to start out with a basic pancake just to get my pancaking making and flipping skills down and these seemed perfect!

The mix was super easy to make and I liked that it made to sit for 15 minutes because it let me clean up a bit.

You always have to attempt a Mickey pancake, right?

Order up!

This recipe was super easy to put together. I tried to find malt but came up short and so used the sugar substitute and they were still delicious. These are exactly what you’d expect from the diner pancake. No real distinct flavor of their own but a perfect syrup absorbing vehicle. They are a great basic pancake recipe if there ever was one. Can’t wait to make these again!

Come back tomorrow for more pancake fun!

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