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January Crafting! (Crafts 1-4)

So this was a busy month but I was super excited to make some crafts that would be helpful for my snowier, colder living environment and to help protect my gadgets. I love making practical crafts!

1. Kindle Cover

I really enjoyed learning a new stitch to make this. This Tunisian stitch is very stiff (doesn’t give to much in either direction) and is also fairly thick which made it the perfect cover for my Kindle. Plus, it just looks so nice and neat. Love it!

2. Ear Warmer – Turban/Bow Style

I’m a practical crocheter and now that I’m living in Boulder, CO I need some cold weather gear. This cute ear warmer fits the bill don’t you think?

3. Ear Warmer – Basic + Button

So my first ear warmer was a little bit skinny and also worked in the round which was a learning experience for me, but I wanted to try working up a wider ear warmer that was more easy to adjust while working it up. I was tired of taking out an entire round of stitches because my chain was too short/long once I got the first row done and had figured out my stitch tension.

What do you think?

4. Cat Toy

Took out the toilet paper roll to show the stitches

My cat Marcus has been such a trooper with the move and then me traveling I thought it was time to make him something fun!

First attempt.

I see you playing there Marcus!

Overall, this was a great start to the year! Every time I complete a new project I learn something new about my crocheting and how different stitches look. I can’t wait for the day when I can write my own patterns to make fun new things!

Next month I thinking about hand warmers and maybe a some fun Valentine’s day crafts!

If you want a preview of things I might be making, check out my Pinterest board!

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