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One Week to WDW!

EEP! One week until I leave for Orlando, Walt Disney World, and my second Dopey challenge!

I’m totally excited!

Last year I wrote about my whole running experience, you can check out my Dopey recap here: The Dopey Experience – In Review

I learned a lot from last year and here are the things I want to keep in mind this year:

  1. Listen to my body – Be it before, during or after, I need to listen to my body and make sure I’m taking it easy when I need it. Last year I think I pushed a little to hard to go to the parks in between.
  2. Have fun – I’m running the races with friends this year and I can’t wait to get character pictures and enjoy the miles
  3. REST! – this goes along with number one, but I need to rest between races. Last year I pushed it too much in between races and I really needed to rest.
  4. Get to the finish – This is a big one. Just get to the finish some way, some how.
  5. Not spend a lot of money at the expo – I’ve been going through everything in my apartment since I’m moving and I DON’T NEED ANYMORE USELESS STUFF! I want to get a stick, an “I Did It” shirt, and one other sweatshirt but really, I can’t buy more stuff that will get donated in a year or 2.



What are you goals for WDW Marathon Weekend?

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