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Runners, Assemble! (Avenger’s Half Marathon Prep)

So it’s race time again and I’m beyond excited for this race. I’m not really sure why but I just feel like it’s going to be the best time ever!

I have a costume in the works that’s a bit… villianous… but I want to wait to share that later (since I still need to buy/sew/prepare it).

So on to Avenger’s Half Marathon weekend pre-race planning!

First the course:

It’s very reminiscent of the Disneyland Half Marathon course which is a-okay with me! Looks like the tough miles will be 3-8 where not a lot is going on. I wonder if they’ll have the car club out for this race? Regardless, I love running at Disneyland, you can check out my past blog to find out why: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend – What to Get Excited For

Also, the variety of merchandise being offered looks awesome! Check out the official Disney Blog’s post on it: First Look at runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Merchandise

I’m not big on Dooney’s but this one looks so awesome!

I’m also really excited for the costumes and general energy. I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a super hero party/race and it’s going to have an infectious excitement that you just won’t be able to beat. I’m already pumped!

Also, it’s Christmas time at the Disneyland Resort so all those decorations and festivities will be in full swing. There is just a special something in the air during the holidays at Disney Parks. I was there this weekend last year and it was awesome! (Holidays at Disneyland!)

On top of all of this the weather looks like it going to be pretty gosh darn perfect! I’ll take a mid-fifties start temp for race day.

Taken on 11/11 from

So, my plan is to drive down Saturday morning and then drive back Sunday night, and I can’t wait to soak up every minute of this race weekend! It’ll be brief but I’m pretty sure it will rock everyone’s running socks! My goal for this race is to just have fun. I’d like to get some pictures and as far as pace goes, I’ll probably just take it pretty easy for most of the race so I don’t aggravate my already tired legs.

Who is going? What are you most excited for?

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