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Avenger’s Half Marathon – Top Tips to Enjoy Race Day!

The Avenger’s race weekend is going to be awesome, no question, but to make sure you and your fellow super heroes enjoy every minute here are my tips! (You don’t want to be “that runner”)

1. Find the Fun:

Race day can be stressful, but give yourself plenty of time in the morning so that you can take a moment and just “set your mind” for the race you want to have. Want to set a PR? Want to take it easy and get pictures with characters? Want to help someone else get to the finish line? Want to just say get to the finish? Visualize what that means just for a moment to help center yourself for the race.

2. Enjoy the Moment:

There are going to be some really fun costumes at this race and again just take a moment and, well, enjoy the moment. Each race is a unique hodgepodge of people, weather, and excitement.

3. Drink Some Water:

It’s not suppose to be very warm for race day but it doesn’t hurt to grab a cup of water 30-60 minutes before the start.

4. Be Aware:

 When running it’s easy to get “in the zone” which then means you forget it’s not just your race day, it’s everyone else’s too! If you are running with a group, make sure you aren’t taking up the entire path. If you are running around slower runners, peek over your shoulder to make sure you aren’t cutting someone off. When grabbing water, again, check to make sure it’s okay to stop (I usually grab my cup, run until the tables stop and then hop off course when all is clear). Just be aware of the space you are taking up and the people around you (I treat running in crowded races like I would if I was driving on a crowded street).

5. Enjoy the Accomplishment

No matter if this if your 1st race or your 101st race, it’s going to be special. Remember you are wonderful because you had the courage to start even if everything falls apart. This one is hard for even me to remember but it’s like the saying “You are lapping everyone on the couch”.

6. Do What You Practiced

: This means, no new shoes or other running apparel that might cause you major headaches on the course. Don’t eat anything weird the day before, don’t eat anything weird the morning of, just don’t do anything unusual.

Well those are my 6 tips to for an enjoyable race day. What are your tips?

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